LBC HPV, new methode for detecting abnormality in cervix that will be to become Cervical CANCER in the future

2 August 2013, Good morning…

I have heard from my patient…Doctor, I have Cervical Cancer whereas I already do papsmear routinely every year.. Have you ever hear this story?

Papsmear test is screening test to early detection of the Cervical Cancer presence, but unfortunately this sensitivity of this test quite low (about 60%, it’s mean 40% of the result can be negative result, cervix cancer actually already happened but the result of the test is negative).

Now, there is a better test to increase the sensitivity to become almost 100% (99.9%), LBC HPV test. Where we also can determine whether there is virus HPV (human papilloma), which is the main cause of cervical cancer.

Please ask your doctors (Obstetric Gynecology) about this test so you can know better this test.

Warm regards,


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