Cancer treatment Update (targeted therapy) – no or minimal side effects

The development of cancer drugs in the world is leading to targeted therapy. Previous use of chemotherapy done, where people who get cancer drugs (chemo) will experience severe side effects due to both cancer cells and normal cells, will be exposed to the effects of this chemo drug.

One of the cancer drug on the basis of targeted therapy is Nimotuzumab, in which the drug works only in cancer cells that express the EGFR (epidermal growth factor receptor), so that normal cells are not affected, and their implications almost no side effects.

With the development of targeted cancer therapy drugs, it checks the development of gene expression, such as EGFR, is fast growing and needs. This examination is necessary before the drug is given Nimotuzumab order to be effective cancer drugs.

Other cancer drugs, targeted therapy, are gefitinib and erlotinib for EGFR mutation expression from the cancer cells in lung cancer, Herceptin for HER2 expression from cancer cells in breast cancer, etc.


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